2014 Floods Anniversary: Private Schools Support Trade Strike Call



Valley’s private schools, which have been neglected most by the state and Union government after the 2014 floods devastated infrastructure of many schools, has supported the complete shutdown call given by Kashmir Economic Alliance for September 7.

KEA, an amalgam of various trade associations, has called for Kashmir Bandh on September 7 against government’s indifference to Valley’s local sectors after last year’s September floods caused large scale devastation.

President Joint Committee of Private Schools G N Var said, “they are supporting the KEA’s call for September 7 to protest government’s failure to look after their genuine demands and compensate the education sector.”

“Floods caused large scale destruction to Valley’s infrastructure and schools were not spared. Many schools lost important infrastructure and important softwares which needed to be rebuilt. We have approached state government and central government and informed them about the losses education sector has suffered but both the governments have neglected this sector,” said Var.

Var said government even did not bother to visit damaged schools and take the assessment of the losses they suffered.

“Government conducted survey of houses and other establishments but neglected this important sector on which the future of nation hinges. No survey has been done on schools’ damaged infrastructure and other losses it suffered. This is the height of the negligence from state government,” said President Joint Committee of Private School.

He said private schools have submitted to government the report on losses they suffered “but government has turned deaf ear to them”.

Var said private schools have been asked to waive off the fee of the students for September and October 2014 which should be compensated by the state government.

“Waiving off the students’ fee will bring losses to the schools. The money should come from the state government so that we can exempt fee. Government can’t neglect this important sector,” said Var.

Private Schools have also demanded compensation for students in terms of scholarship to the students who suffered during floods.

“Instead of extending scholarships to the Valley students, the important components of already existing central scholarship schemes like PM’s scholarship scheme have been mysteriously withdrawn. This clearly speaks of biased approach government has adopted to undermine the education system in the Valley and also deprive students from better and quality education,” said Var.

Var said government should encourage private schools which have been performing brilliantly and help them upgrade infrastructure.

“Our results speak of our efforts and contribution to society. It is our duty to provide best education to students but government can’t shy away from its responsibilities. Instead of extending helping hand to those who make better of the students, government with its policies is undermining education sector,” said Var.

Var said private schools extend full support to the strike call to bring home to government that this sector has been neglected.


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