3 Cops Injured In Kishtwar Protests

KL Report


At least three police men with minor injuries were admitted to the hospital in Kishtwar after they were attacked by protestors in Hadyal Chowk. Unconfirmed reports said one protesting lady was also injured in the police action.

Reports reaching from Kishtwar said police have started arrests of the people who were behind the communal clashes. It was in retaliation to these actions that a mob, comprising women, defying curfew restrictions, came out in protest. They clashed with the police and a situation was created in which police opened fire. At least one lady was injured.

“The other community is not bringing their injured to this hospital that is jointly managed by Muslims and Hindus,” a senior doctor said. “I do not know the reason – may be they feel unsafe in bringing injured to this place which is located in Muslim majority area or may be they are comfortable in taking them to the nearest army base.”

The injured lady was reportedly treated by the army doctors in the local camp. Since Friday when the communal tensions started, not a single Hindu injured was driven to the local hospital. There were adverse commentaries in selective media outlets suggesting that this is being deliberately done. But doctors say it is not linked to any policy. “The hospital is managed by professionals from both the communities,” the doctor said.

The doctor said the three police men injured in stone pelting are all right and would be discharged soon. “We have many other injured who are recovering,” he added.

Meanwhile police have started identifying and arresting people who were responsible for triggering communal tensions in Jammu city. “My information is that more than 80 arrests had taken place during the last night,” a minister privy to developments said. “These arrests are preventive and anybody who is involved neck-deep will be tackled under the law of the land. We will not permit anybody to adversely contribute to the situation.”


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