3 days on, Duksum forest on fire; ‘Unable to douse fire due to lack of facilities’

KL News Network


The forest fire has engulfed the three compartments of Duksum Range of southern Kashmir’s Forest Division.

Forest officials admitted that due to lack of manpower and sophisticated equipment’s they are unable to douse the fire.

Reports said compartment number 27, 28 and 29 of Duksum forest caught fire three days back causing a huge loss to green gold.

Reports added that a couple of forest and fire service teams have been deployed to douse the fire, however, they have not succeeded in their endeavour.

Reports said that the forest fire has also engulfed some nearby nurseries resulting in massive damage to them.

Divisional Forest Officer Islamabad Syed Humayoun Qadri said that they are unable to douse the fire due to lack of manpower and equipment’s. “We are on job and in couple of days fire will be doused,” he said. (CNS)


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