Australian Based ‘Leighton Company’ Acting in Autocratic Manner

KL Report


Coming down heavily on Jammu and Kashmir government for using ‘undemocratic methods’ and force against striking workers at Chenani-Nashri tunnel project, large number of Trade Union activists Monday demanded immediate release of workers and demanded the restoration of labor laws.

Scores of Trade Union Activists belonging to different employees and workers organizations staged a protest against Australian based ‘Leighton Company’ alleging that it is putting pressure on administration and police to muzzle the voice of the workers who demand increase in wages and implementation of Labor Laws.

President, Jammu and Kashmir Coordination Committee of Trade Unions, Mohammad Maqbool told CNS that police is using undemocratic methods and force against striking laborers at Chenani-Nashri tunnel project. “We demand that arrested workers should be released immediately and their demands should be accepted,” he said.

Pertinently, Tunnel project workers’ union had gone on strike on October 27 demanding reinstatement of ten employees, wages in lieu of overtime, weekly off, risk allowance while Leighton Company, which runs the tunnel works, did not concede to their demands resulting in the face off.

“Government is making hollow claims and their actions make it clear that it is not interested in decreasing the level of unemployment. Workers are not only being thrown out of jobs, but also punished with force,” the protesters said adding that government in Jammu and Kashmir has snatched the right to protest peacefully.


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