Youth energy base of National Conference: Omar

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Describing youth as the ‘energy base’ of National Conference (NC), Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also Working President of the ruling party Sunday said that amalgamation of experience and energetic enthusiasm represented by elders and younger in NC has always been the strength of this party.

Addressing Members of Students’ Wing and Youth National Conference here, the Chief Minister told them to take a leaf from the book of sacrifices and selfless services rendered by the elders, and emerge as the bulwark of the high principles nurtured and upheld by NC since its inception.

“You are the legacy holder and torch bearers of a Party (NC) which even under challenging circumstances did not compromise its high principles”, he said adding that history bears testimony to the sacrifices rendered by National Conference, its leadership and workers to make stronger the pluralistic ethos of the State, nurture amity and brotherhood, built a society based on justice, fortify solidarity between various regions of the society and empower people socially, economically and politically. He said NC is firm on this policy, and whether in government or outside its benchmark and guiding principle of politics is ‘public service and good of the State’.

The NC Working President advised the youth to be active in every field of public service and strengthen the Party folds at all levels by infusing new energy and making young generation aware of the Party programmes and political agenda for the welfare and upliftment of the people and equitable development of all the regions and sub-regions of the State.

“You are the workers and followers of a great political Party (NC) which has made its mark in the political history of Jammu and Kashmir and attained popularity in all areas and among all the sections of the society. NC’s popularity is because of its strong belief in public service particularly the service centric for the holistic and comprehensive growth and development of weaker sections of the society”, he said adding that NC has always been the voice of people particularly of poorer sections of the society.

The Chief Minister asked the youth to make people aware of the ground breaking and historic initiatives taken by his government to empower public, bring transparency in government functioning, make the administration accountable and strengthen the Institutions to bring the government functioning under full public scan. “You could tell the people how your government ensured public service delivery of about 70 important services making these time bound and also making the erring officials liable of punishment for delay in the delivery of these services in a fixed time frame as also ensuring compensation for the affected consumer for not getting the service within the time line fixed for that particular service”, he told the Youth National Conference workers and advised them that the thousands of works launched, implemented and completed by his government during the last about five years throughout the State also need to be made known to people.

Omar Abdullah told the youth to also make people aware about his government’s historic decision of giving the people the right to ask questions to any government official from top to bottom and ascertain the answers regarding every penny spent on development or the status and the basis of allotting every tender to a contractor etc. “We have also strengthened Accountability Commission and constituted Vigilance Commission to curb corruption and make people empowered to bring any political personality right up to the Chief Minister before the Accountability Commission and any government official from lower level to top brass before Vigilance Commission probe”, he told them.

“The historic initiative of providing strong edifice to the State’s hydro power sector to achieve the goal of indigenous power generation of about 9000 MWs within next 7 to 8 years is the innovative measure of the government”, he said and added that the government has laid foundation for economically self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir by implementing a policy of generating surplus electricity. He asked the youth to tell the people about these and many more innovative decisions taken by the government in the field of agriculture, horticulture, entrepreneurship development, addressing unemployment and upgrading the skill and employability of youth to make them empowered and capable of leading the open job market by their talent and ability.

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