Creation of administrative units draws flak in Kashmir

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The slogan of Congress party to create administrative units on equitable basis in all the three regions of the State of Jammu and Kashmir has proved hoax and hollow as out of the total 659 units 337 have gone to Jammu while only 274 have been approved for Kashmir and the rest 48 for two districts of Ladakh.

Observers feel that Congress party has once again made it clear that it is Jammu centric while its leaders including Ministers from Kashmir has little say in the party. “Discrimination with Kashmir is not new and it has become a routine matter now to develop Jammu at the cost of Kashmir. Dogra regime was revived in Jammu and Kashmir ever since militancy erupted in Valley. Our funds are being diverted for the development of two districts of Jammu,” renowned Civil Society member Shakeel Qalandar told CNS adding that by now Kashmiri people have understood that they are being ruled by proxy.

“What can we expect from the Government of India that our 120 Kashmiri boys were gunned down in the streets in 2010 and ironically the Task Force created by New Delhi as a reconciliatory measure and to appease Kashmiri people recommended Rs 600 crores for the development of Jammu and Ladakh, ignoring Kashmir completely,” Qalandar said.

Advocate Ajaz Ahmed Beedar described the move as total injustice towards the people of Kashmir. “Government of India must ponder over the fact that why people of Kashmir have taken up to guns. The reason is obvious, they have been subjected to discrimination right from 1947,” he said.

Chairman Kashmir Economic Alliance and well-known businessman, Muhammad Yasin Khan told CNS that Government is playing with the sentiments of people of Kashmir and it would have serious repercussions. “Whenever funds are allocated, or something happens, Jammu is given lions share. Government of India as well as the State Government is taking undue advantage of the prevailing situation in Kashmir and every time we are subjected to discrimination,” Khan said adding that India will pay for it in coming future and this country knows it well.

Political advisor to Chief Minister, Tanvir Sadiq said that National Conference treats Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir as one State and there can be on discrimination with any region as long as National Conference is at the helm of affairs.

Congress Minister Taj Mohi-u-Din told CNS that no discrimination was done with Kashmir. “Kashmir has small area as compared to Doda. There were many factors that Cabinet Sub Committee took into account before enlisting any area for the administrative unit,” he said.


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