WDF calls for election boycott

PicKL Report


Women’s Democratic Forum, a lesser known organization Thursday called for a poll boycott and demanded end of Tosmaidan lease.

The chairperson of the organization, Tanveer Fatima along with her party volunteers hold a peaceful protest demonstration against what she called “so called election processes conducted by Indian establishments in Kashmir.”

Speaking to media persons Fatima said, “Elections cannot be a substitute of plebiscite and in the presence of seven lakh forces election is a military operation rather than a democratic process.” She added “we have always rejected the so called elections in the valley and will reject in future till our basic goal is achieved.”

“It is our collective responsibility to safe guard the freedom movement and to refrain from any election activity that affects the pious resistance movement,” Fatima said.

Fatima said by boycotting elections, we want to convey the world that freedom is or birth right which no one can usurp from us through military might.  Fatima said, “Boycotting the polls is legitimate under the purview of legal and democratic set-up.”

Tanveer appealed people to completely boycott polls.

Fatima demanded the ending of Tosmaidan lease and said, “we want to remind the government that the lease period is expiring soon if the lease is not ended the whole Kashmir will stand and will go for an intensified agitation. The women protesters raised anti-Indian and pro-freedom slogans in the press enclave.


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