6 years after floods, bridge awaits reconstruction

by Samreena Nazir


The Nallah Bringi bridge, which is the main connecting link between Sadoora village in south Kashmir with Anantnag town, awaits reconstruction since the past six years, after it was damaged in 2014.

Damaged Bridge. File Photo

The bridge was damaged in 2014 floods, following which public movement and traffic on it was stopped. In the meantime, the government build a suspension bridge over the river but it collapses every year when the water level of the river raises.

The locals of the area said that non-availability of the bridge is giving tough time to them as they have to take a long route to reach the main town Anantnag.

Mohammad Tanveer, a local resident, said that they have to face immense hardships due to the non-completion of the bridge as they have to cover a long distance to reach Anantnag.

“Every spring this temporary bridge gets collapsed, isolating the village from the neighbouring areas,” he said.

“The bridge used to be a valuable asset for us as it connects dozens of villages with the main town. The bridge was damaged in 2014, we are still waiting for its construction. Authorities and Politicians often come and survey the bridge site but are not taking any concrete step to complete the construction of it,” Adil Ahmad, a local resident said.

An official from Roads and Buildings (R&B) department Qazigund said the funds for the project are to be released from the world bank. The design and construction work has been assigned to Khanday Infra Structure Private Limited, once the agency will come up with designs, the funds will be released accordingly from the world bank for the project.

“This bridge is a project of world bank through JFTR. We have already submitted a number of designs but there were some queries on which we worked and submitted again, but our designs are still under review. We will start the work once our submitted designs will get approved,” an official from Khanday Construction Company, told Kashmir Life.


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