679 bridges, 2283 culverts, 31337 roads, 561 playfields constructed in 3 yrs


Minister for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, Law and Justice Abdul Haq Khan on Thursday said during the last three years department has set short terms missions with an aim to create durable assets for the people of rural areas while jobs are created under MGNREGA.

He said though the prime aim of the scheme is to create jobs but if simultaneously durable assets are created that would be blessing for the area.

Minister said the department identified the rural connectivity a major issue in rural areas and hence took up the task to focus on rural connectivity in first two years. He said the department constructed 679 bridges, 2283 culverts, 31337 roads during past three years that speaks volumes about the success of the implementation of this scheme in rural J&K.

Minister said also took up the task to build sports infra in rural areas to help youth to showcase their talent and in this regard, the department constructed 561 playfields. He said Government is making all-out efforts to promote sports activities in the State by providing requisite facilities to youth.

He said the department is using the flagship program to generate employment and creation of durable assets in rural areas of the state adding that funds are utilized for creating productive assets in the rural areas instead of squandering the same on unproductive works and focus is being laid for improving connectivity in villages, flood protection works and creating durable and useful assets for villages.

He said the department has also constructed 2696 ponds, 885 check dams, 3617 water harvesting tanks, 561 playfields, 72 fisheries ponds, 55 Anganwari centres, renovation of 4622 traditional water bodies and 20143 micro irrigation works while providing jobs to 23.90 lac persons.

He said the department had an available budget of Rs 2800.63 crores in past three years out of which Rs 2458.31 crore have been spent. He said in 2017-18, Rs 819.80 crore has been spent out of the total available budget of Rs 1138.37 crore.

Minister said now when the department has been able to lay a web of roads and culverts, the department will shift the focus to water conservation and stress will be laid on the initiatives to conserve water. He said the main focus will be on water harvesting in Kandi areas including construction of Water harvesting tanks, Check dams and other small dams in upper belts to conserve the water.

The Minister also stated that the government is committed to strengthening democracy at the grassroots level and he has directed the field officers to organise Gram Sabhas so that people of the villages decide themselves about the development works to be taken up in their village and not the contractors or officials. He said the Gram Sabhas should play a vibrant role in the effective execution of the developmental programmes by taking advantage of the flagship schemes like MGNREGA. Minister said he has directed officers to create awareness among masses and persuade them to participate in Gram Sabhas so that they can be part of the decision making the process at the grassroots level.

He said he has also directed the officials to make the decisions of Gram Sabhas public soon after its commencement that will ensure transparency in plans and no work will be included without the approval of the Gram Sabhas.

He said Under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna, Minister said 15081 beneficiaries have been registered while 9655 houses are under construction and Rs 52.82 crore have been spend so far out of the total available budget of Rs 123.94 crore. He said the department has also received Rs 26.60 crore for clearing the liability of IAY.


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