8 Years On, Padshahi Bagh Family Awaits Justice

SRINAGAR: The family of Zahid Iqbal, an 11th standard student who according to his family died in a mysterious drowning in August 2013.

Zahid Iqbal, a resident of Padshahi Bagh who according to his family died in a mysterious drowning in August 2013.

According to the family Zahid Iqbal, a resident of Padshahi Bagh went ‘mysteriously’ missing on August 23, 2013 from his home. The family had called Zahid on his cell number which had been put on switch off mode.

According to the family when Zahid did not return home till late evening, they started searching for him. “We tried several times on his number but it was continuously on switched off mode,” his uncle Dilawar Ahmad remembers. “We started searching for him continuously for many days and a missing report was lodged at the Police station, Raj Bagh,” he said.

“We got shocked when on August 26, 2013 while searching for Zahid, we found his tortured body from river Jhelum near footbridge Lal Chowk and it cleared he was murdered,” he said.

Meanwhile, Police had already started an investigation into this mysterious death.

“After digging deep into the investigations, Zahid’s cellphone was recovered from one of his friend’s relative’s place. Days after his death his wristwatch and the clothes were also recovered by the police,” he said.

“Initially police cooperated with us and continued their investigation on the fast pace and arrested several suspects and interrogated them to find more clues, but after some time police remained silent and did not come up with the facts,” Dilawar added.

“Now on his 8th death anniversary, we appeal to the authorities, to look into this case once again and bring the culprits to justice,” said the uncle of deceased Dilawar Ahmad.


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