A ‘Dogfight’ Kills A Man

SRINAGAR: Two neighbours fought over a petty issue – a pet dog. It led to the killing of one of the two neighbours, the one who owned the pet, reports reaching from Jammu said.

The scuffle was reported from Raipur locality in Jammu’s Satwari belt on Friday.

The battle was fought by residents Jugal Kishore and Mohinder Lal. Both were critically injured and sent to the hospital where Kishore was declared brought dead. Mohinder is admitted and will possibly live.

Though the Police have registered a case and started investigations, the story has two versions. Slain man’s family owned a pet dog and many in the neighbourhood had reservations over the activities of the privileged animal. Mohinder’s family has alleged that as the two men quarrelled over the dog being set free, Kishore’s brother took out a revolver and opened fire. They said he was inebriated.

The dog had allegedly bitten a minor kid in the locality recently but that had not encouraged the family to take care of their pet. The love of pet finally took the man to his death.

Police are investigating and the result of the investigations will be known soon.


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