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Dr Farooq Abdullah ingratiating Pashmina Shawl exhibition in Delhi.

State run J&K Handloom Development Corporation registered a sale of Rs 10 lakh on the day one of its Royal exhibition in Delhi. Organized in the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts at Man Singh Road, the exhibition was formally thrown open by Dr Farooq Abdullah.

“On the day one we sold shawls worth one million rupees,” one of the Corporation officials said. “We hope to register good sales given the interest the people are showing.”

Slated to last a week, the Pashmina Royal Shawls exhibition is a huge collection of hand spin, hand woven shawls and finest quality of silk and needle, and hand embroidered collection.

The Corporation, apparently on revival path, has revived the traditional skill of handspun hand woven Pashmina stalls and has developed a range of shawls in contemporary colours and designs as well which are displayed in the exhibition. Reports said visitors were pleased to see the traditional specimen craft, which has been reproduced and is related to Mughal, Afgan, Sikh and Dogra rule who had patronized the Royal craft.

The organizers have taken care that the reproduction of specimens matching all quality parameters are exact duplication and one piece per specimen has been reproduced with no likelihood of these specimens being copied or produced by anyone else. The recreating of these masterpieces of olden times are collection of 600 specimen of Pashmina shawls, from International Museums private collections, from rare books, where from sample has been documented and  taken up for recreation, a corporation spokesman said. Reports said there was huge rush of visitors on the occasion.


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