J&K Adopting RFD To Evaluate Its Deliverance

KL Report

Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah announced launching of Results-Framework Document (RFD) initiative for entire government. All the departments have been asked to formulate RFDs for last quarter of the current fiscal and for entire year 2013-14.

RFD, an official spokesman said, is an effective performance assessment and management system aimed at judging the performance and functioning of government departments on the basis of timeline completion of targets, outcomes of the schemes, priorities fixed, quality of work done, status of benefits of projects actually accruing to people and other similar ingredients. Under RFD, performance of each government department would be assessed and evaluated to identify bottlenecks, shortcomings if any and to improve the performance by taking corrective measures.

The announcement was made at the start of a two-day workshop on ‘RFD – An Instrument of Improving Government Performance’ that Omar presided over. The event was organized in collaboration with Performance Management Division Cabinet Secretariat Government of India for the administrative secretaries and heads of the departments to get acquainted with the basics of the initiative which has already been implemented in ten states.

Omar said the initiative would provide mechanism for performance assessment in relation to the delivery of service, realization of targets, completion of schemes in a qualitative manner and the outcomes of the works done. Referring to the initiatives already take, Omar said the implementation of Public Service Guarantee Act (PSGA) and Right to Information Act (RTI) besides holding Panchayat Elections and transferring vital powers to these institutions are milestones in this regard.

 “I want to implement RFD in one shot for entire government bringing all departments under its ambit. This type of initiative is all the more essential as we do not possess any subjective way to assess the performance of government departments so far as its work done and target completion is concerned as a whole”, Omar said. “Annual Performance Report (APR) mechanism in vogue presently is for evaluating individual government functionaries but it does not present accurate reflection of the performance of the departments and the officials and officers.”


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