2014 Will Be The Year Of Doom For PDP: NC


KL Report


The ruling National Conference on Friday said that the clean sweep in the legislative council election is a sign of better coordination and stronger bond between coalition partners while asking the opposition to introspect and shun the path and politics of deception, slur and division.

“When a party whose existence is because of South Kashmir gets a humiliating defeat and their founders, the Papa, Daughter rejected in Wachi and Islamabad, should clearly understand their doom is certain,” National Conference Spokesman said in a statement.

“People have turned PDP into a Publicly Defeated Party,” ridiculed spokesman and added, “People have rejected PDP’s agenda, authoritarian style of Mufti’s and Beigh’s arrogance.”

The spokesman said, “The south Kashmir they claim their strong hold defeated them, Jammu region where they claim they had made inroads have routed them”.

“These elections should teach our oppositions two lessons, one that they should stop their politics of division and two be ready for their doom in 2014.”



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