A Mother in Omar Abdullah’s Rally: ‘Don’t Fake Sympathy’



Ayesha Amin the woman who emerged during Omar Abdullah's rally
Ayesha Amin the woman who emerged during Omar Abdullah’s rally

As former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was busy in addressing his supporters at Regal Chowk Srinagar on Saturday afternoon, a middle aged woman after trying to break the security cordon, yelled at him, “My daughter was murdered during your rule and your government did nothing. Don’t say you are the sympathizer of the people.”

The woman was immediately taken away by some of the National Conference supporters who requested her to calm down. Lot of people including journalists cornered the woman who identified herself as Ayesha Amin wife of late Dr Muhammad Amin Sofi, a resident of Iqbal Colony HMT Srinagar.

“I came here with a sole purpose to remind Omar Abdullah that he is not the well wisher of the people. He must stop claiming to be the sympathizer of the people. My daughter Dr Midhat Amin (29) was murdered at her home on June 28, 2012 and in search of justice, I approached Omar Abdullah then, but he acted as a mute spectator while his aides and other Ministers pressurized police to close the file of the case and the irony is that no investigation was done to find out who the killers were,” Ayesha Amin told CNS and added that no government in Kashmir is pro-people and no one at the helm of affairs cares about poor and hapless people.

She said in April 2012, her daughter Dr Midhat Amin got engaged to a Kashmiri medico settled in the United States. After two months, her would-be-husband Dr Fayaz Ahmed Hakeem, son of Ghulam Ahmed Hakeem putting up near Shiraz cinema Khanyar broke the engagement.

“On June 28, 2012, when I entered my house, I was shocked to see the dead body of my daughter in the house. Her throat and arm veins were slit. There was blood on the wall and the floor. The three cups of tea present in the room was a sign that some people had entered into the room and had taken the tea. I simply requested police to conduct a fair probe so that we will come to know whether it was a suicide or murder,” she said.

She said that Investigating officer informed her on the very first day that it was a murder case while the then SP also told her that Midhat was intelligent and a doctor by profession and she could not have end her life like this. “It was shocking that National Conference government pressurized police and they even didn’t bother collect finger prints and other evidences, let alone sending them to Forensic laboratory. I was later informed by a well-wisher that culprits spent Rs 20 lakhs to hush up the case,” she said.

“I am not the supporter of any political party as I loathe them all. As a mother I arrived here from HMT to inform Omar Abdullah and his party cadres to stop claiming to be the sympathizer and well-wisher of the people,” Ayesha Amin said.

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  1. ChaMelion Omar.Those days have gone when u and ur chamelion charactered father used to befool the people of kashmir,by shedding crocodile tears for sympathy of people.Ur Govt.killed the budding flowers of kashmir and now u r having sympathy for their families.


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