A section of police keen bent to destroy self-respect of Kashmiris: MLA Rasheed



Reiterating his appeal to J&K Police not to encourage an atmosphere that would put masses and the local cops against each other, Langate lawmaker Er. Rasheed has condemned raids by police in south and north Kashmir and other places.

MLA Engineer Raheed in Rafiabad

While addressing public gatherings at Drusoo and Gund Karim Khan in Rafiabad on Sunday, the spokesman said Er. Rasheed accused a section of local police of hurting self-respect of its own people and playing in the hands of those who want to continue their colonial attitude towards Kashmiris.

Er. Rasheed said that in most of the incidents of violence local police has been found provoking people to cross the redline as it gives their masters strength to suppress the genuine voices. “The vested elements within police have created a situation where every Kashmiri has to prove himself innocent and whosoever tries to speak for the rights of people is being thrown either the police lockup or humiliated. These elements are keen bent to destroy future of talented youth and don’t let any chance to go where they could humiliate these youth,” he said and added that “Internet crackdown has become a routine nowadays. While world is getting dividends of information technology everywhere, in Kashmir even social media has become a tool to suppress the voice of youth as anyone trying to reflect the genuine aspirations of people is being harassed and called at concerned police stations.”

He also accused police of complicating the bilateral and domestic issues of masses by poking nose in such issues and shortening scope of reconciliation.

He also accused government forces of carrying out unwanted catch and search operations and said that such moves are aimed at harassing and demoralizing masses just to give New Delhi a perception that without the writ of security forces Kashmiris cannot be controlled. He appealed the saner voices within police force to give a thought to the sentiments and aspirations of people so that the process of increasing trust deficit between the local police and the masses gets minimized.



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