Aasiyeh, others sent to police remand till June 21, DeM condemns


Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Thursday condemned the extension of police remand until June 21 against the party chairperson, Syedah Aasiyeh  Andrabi, general secretary, Nahida Nasreena and press secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda.

In a statement, DeM spokesman, Rifat Fatima, said that the trio was shifted from Rambagh Women’s police station and produced in court in Islamabad on Thursday.

“Court had sent them to police remand till June 9, but now it has been extended to June 21, Confining illegally the party leadership is not only against the human rights but a barbaric act. False cases are being made up to keep the leadership jailed,” Rifat in a statement said.

She said that party chairperson, Aasiyeh Andrabi, is a cardiac patient and is also suffering from asthma and keeping her jailed is putting her life in danger. “This is barbaric that they have kept the ailing party chairperson and others under illegal detention and are invoking false cases to prolong the confinement,” she added.

She said that DeM is being deliberately targeted and extreme use of physical as well as psychological pressure is being exerted against the DeM leadership and its cadres. “The leadership is being jailed in false cases, the families of the DeM members are being harassed on daily basis. It seems that police has opened a war front against the DeM,” she added.

Rifat said that all this was being done to break the resolve of the DeM leadership and its cadre. “But the government and its barbaric police force must understand that DeM stands


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