Abbas Ansari Accuses ‘Indian Agencies’ For Sectarian Violence

KL Report


Senior separatist leader and Patron Ithadul Muslimeen, Molvi Abbas Ansari Thursday claimed that the sectarian violence was instigated by ‘Indian Agencies’ to make visiting US vice president Joe Biden believe that protests erupting in Kashmir are the outcome of internal clashes between two sects.

“How could people achieve freedom from the clutches of India if they go on fighting with each other without any reason? These elements who are responsible for the instigation of sectarian violence should understand that they are fewer in numbers and would never succeed in their nefarious designs,” Ansari told CNS adding that India is hell-bent to divide people of Kashmir on sectarian lines.

Molvi Abbas Ansari said that whenever any American lands on Indian soil, Kashmir has to bear the burnt then. “There are scores of Indian agencies operating in Kashmir which are working hard to divide the people on communal lines,” he said adding the infighting between Kashmiri people in no way is going to serve the cause of freedom.

“India should realize that it could not succeed in the long way. Sensible people of Kashmir would always resist such moves on part of India and would never give Indian agencies any chance to make a wedge between the people,” Ansari said.


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