Account Assistant Panchayat Post: Arts students protest ‘discrimination’


Days after the government announced vacancies for the post of Account Assistants in Panchayats, a number of students belonging to Arts stream staged a protest demonstration at Srinagar’s press colony.

Account Assistant Panchayat Post: Arts students protest ‘discrimination’ in Srinagar

Scores of the students chanting slogans assembled at press colony and sought the end of the“discrimination” as the government do not allow the said students to apply for the post. The protesting students said that they want themselves to get eligible like other students from the rest of the streams are being allowed.

“If the students from Arts background can apply for the Civil Services’ posts then why are we being restricted for this one,” said one of the protesting student.

They said there is no specific subject being taught for the post in the schools and colleges, “how can the authorities judge us by our degrees now,” said another protesting student.


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