Accusations Of CM Are Fabricated And Misleading: Hurriyat (M)

KL Report


Terming the recent accusations of state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Hurriyat as “fabricated” and ‘misleading”, APHC has said that when Abdullah government could not justify its failures and its current anti -people policy, it has come down to issue cheap statements against the pro-resistance leadership.

Instead of suggesting pro-freedom leadership to accept defeat, the APHC spokesman said that Abdullah should concentrate towards his helplessness before New Delhi as he is yet to overcome the defeat of not revoking a single black law imposed in Kashmir.

The spokesman said that Hurriyat does not believe in secret talks. He said that APHC has conducted several rounds of talks with Delhi and Islamabad to solve the Kashmir issue in public glare.

In connection with the confidence building measures, spokesman said that even hurriyat has put suggestions before India to demilitarize the region, revoke black laws, stop human rights violations and unconditional release of prisoners to create an atmosphere which would ultimately lead to solution of Kashmir issue. He, however, said India continued with the policy of obduracy and remained callous towards those proposals indicating its non seriousness in solving the K dispute.

Stressing the main aim of APHC was to strive for the lasting resolution of Kashmir dispute, the spokesman said the Hurriyat considers elections in Kashmir just as an administrative issue. He further said that elections in Kashmir in no way were substitute to Kashmir solution.

The spokesman said that instead of putting accusations on APHC, Omar Abdullah should take into consideration his failures. He said the state chief minister should present himself before the court for unleashing limitless oppression against Kashmiris. He said Abdullah was involved in killings and beatings of Kashmiris, and lodging youth in jail and torture Centers.

Spokesman said that if Omar Abdullah has so much confidence in his democratic credentials, he should then immediately lift the restrictions imposed by his government on pro freedom leadership and face the public verdict.

Reflecting open anti-people policy pursued by Abdullah, he said that the Chief minister was shielding the accused Indian troops in Gool incident by blaming the killing of innocent people on others.

The spokesman said that Omar Abdullah should accept Kashmir issue as a reality and thus stop issuing baseless allegations on pro-freedom leadership. He said that pro-Indian mainstream parties and India government due to their anti-people policies was the biggest hurdle in the way of resolution of Kashmir.

The APHC said that those people who are not even ready to revoke the black laws, how one can expect them with to hold a meaningful dialogue.

He said that Kashmir issue should be solved either by implementing UN resolutions or by holding meaningful tripartite dialogue between India, Pakistan and genuine leadership of Kashmir. He said Hurriyat would not refrain from participating in any dialogue process which is aimed to solve the Kashmir issue for once and all.


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