‘Active network of informers helps army to kill militants’, threatens Hizb

KL Report


Hizbul Mujhadeen Wednesday threatned to exterminate all those ‘informers’ of Army who according to the outfit are helping Government Forces to trace and kill the ‘Mujhadeen’ in Kashmir.

 “There is an active network in Kashmir that is helping Indian Army to trace and kill the ‘Mujhadeen’. We have identified all the men operating that network and in coming days we will teach them a lesson,” Hizb operational spokesperson Baleeg-u-Din told CNS on phone on Wednesday afternoon.

Hizb Operational Spokesperson added that, “the network of ‘informers’ active in Kashmir have helped Indian Army to kill many militants in many encounters. We have identified all these informers and they will face the music,” he said but refused to divulge their name.

Hizb operational spokesperson paid a rich tribute to the “martyrs of HeftShermal” Shopian and said that, “these ‘Mujhadeen’ also became the prey of that network active in Kashmir for quite some time.”


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