Administrative Units row: CM’s Samba statement shocked Congress party

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Congress party Thursday alleged that after giving mandate to Cabinet Sub Committee to ‘balance’ the Mushtaq Ganaie Committee Report (MGCR), Chief Minister Omar Abdullah shocked everyone when just after 3 days in public rally at Samba, he claimed that some people do not want Ganaie Committee report to be implemented in letter and spirit and are trying to scuttle it.

“What was the fun of that statement when Chief Minister himself formed Cabinet Sub Committee to balance the report about the creation of new administrative units? Chief Minister himself asserted that Ganaie Committee report is imbalanced and needs to be balanced but to everybody’s surprise, National Conference started blaming Congress Party, forgetting that their members were the part and parcel of the CSC formed by Chief Minister,” Tourism Minister and senior Congress leader Ghulam Ahmed Mir told CNS adding that even some of the NC leaders didn’t see eye to eye with MGCR.

Mir said that Ganaie Committee in its report has proposed a ‘Block Status’ for three ‘halkas’ while ignoring those Blocks which are comprised of more than 10 ‘halkas’. “In one of the meetings, even some NC leaders like Mir Saifullah felt that MGCR is inconclusive and admitted that it is not balanced one,” Mir said.

He said both NC and Congress members requested Chief Minister to form a CSC to seek suggestion from people. Mir said that Omar Abdullah gave nod to CSC after he felt that Ganaie report was not balanced. “CSC was formed by Omar Abdullah. He gave 10 days time to the Committee comprised of both NC and Congress members. But, only after three days the Chief Minister at his Samba rally in Jammu claimed that some people are trying to scuttle the Ganaie Committee report,” Mir told CNS adding that why NC is blaming Congress for delay in the submission of CSC report when its members are part of it.

Senior Congress leader said that Congress is not demanding the creation of 2100 administrative units. “It is an exaggerated figure. Our demand is that all the three regions of the State should be given their share on equal basis,” he said.

Mir said that it was not an easy job for CSC to submit its report in 10 days as it involved many technicalities. “CSC is working day in and day out to complete the report and the report will be tabled before Cabinet in its next meeting,” Mir said.

Responding to a query, Mir said that there is no threat to the Coalition Government from Congress side. “Congress party is cooperative and want to cooperate with NC at all levels to run the affairs of the Government smoothly,” he said.


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