After DL, MVD to rollout home delivery of Registration Certificates


In a review meeting of the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), Transport Commissioner, Saugat Biswas on Sunday announced the home delivery of Vehicle Registration Certificates for all newly purchased vehicles in the State.

Transport Commissioner during a meeting.

The spokesman in a statement said that all vehicles purchased after July 25, 2018, will have their registration certificates delivered through speed-post to their owners for which the protocol and logistic requirements were finalized in today’s meeting. Biswas directed all RTOs/ARTOs to be in a state of readiness to ensure the launch of home delivery of Registration Certificates, from 25th of July, 2018 onwards. The Postal Department was also asked to put in place the necessary system by the said date.

With the home delivery of both driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates in the State, roughly twenty-five thousand people will be benefitted every month, who would receive the services in the comfort of their homes.

The Transport Commissioner while interacting with all the RTOs and ARTOs of the State launched “Mission – Zero Footfall” in the MVD department. RTOs and ARTOs were urged to use every means of mass media to inform the citizens, of the various services being offered to them through the online mode. He asked them to encourage citizens to use the online mode from their homes, cyber cafes, or the common service centers (CSCs) to avail services of the Motor Vehicles Department.

During the meeting, the six-month target was set for achieving “Mission – Zero Footfall”, by re-engineering the remaining government processes for which citizens are currently required to visit the RTO/ARTO offices. The idea is to bring all such services online and accessible from outside offices of the MVD. Biswas informed that services of the MVD viz permit issue and renewal, national permit issuance, vanity number issue; passenger tax collection will also be brought on the online mode within a month.

Biswas conveyed in unequivocal terms to all field officers that instances of corruption shall not be tolerated. He enjoined upon all RTO/ARTOs to deal with complaints of corruption promptly and with an iron fist.

While reviewing the status of recently launched Speed-post delivery of Driving Licenses, Director Posts, J&K, Gaurav Srivastava shared that the system is running successfully in smooth coordination with the MVD. RTO Jammu and RTO Kashmir stated that this initiative has resulted in substantial reduction in footfall in the RTO offices and has given succor to the applicants. Transport Commissioner expressed satisfaction on the successful implementation of the pilot in Jammu and Srinagar districts and issued directions for coverage of the remaining districts of the State by the start of August.

Biswas emphasized that the department is committed to moving fast towards its ultimate goal of “Zero Foot Fall” in RTO/ARTO offices by eliminating human intervention in the delivery of Transport Services thereby reducing any scope of corruption.

On the request of Director Posts, J&K Gaurav Srivastava the RTO/ARTOs were directed to ensure that the particulars including the address of the applicants are correctly entered in the application forms so that return of posts are reduced to zero.

Transport Commissioner informed that the Department is proposing the establishment of Automated Driving Test Tracks across the State in all districts to enable the conduct of driving test on fully objective and scientific lines. This shall augur well in reducing road accidents by issuing driving licenses to only those who pass the scientifically Driving Test. He asked the RTO/ARTOs for immediately coordinate with the respective Deputy Commissioners for identification of suitable state land for the purpose.


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