After music Adnani Sami fought a virtual battle with Omar Abdullah

SRINAGAR: As the curtains fell on the Adnan Sami show on the Dal lake, a Mahabarat erupted in the virtual world between the Pakistani origin, half Kashmiri India music star and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. The singer actually crossed a limit in responding to the tweets of Omar Abdullah.

Singer Adnan Sami with his wife and their kid at Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s Srinagar residence.

It all started with Omar re-tweeting the scene from the SKICC lawns where audience was waiting for the show to begin.

“Empty seats at Adnan Sami Concert and we are past the scheduled Start time. PR disaster for JK govt led by @MehboobaMufti,” journalist Inayat Jehangir tweeted. “And why can’t they start things as per schedule. Restlessness is growing even among the “select audience””. Omar re-tweeted the two short messages and later commented: “That’s a real pity. I hope people have filled those seats now. For an evening they can let the music transport them to a more peaceful place.”

“The empty seats & delayed start are showing Kashmir for what it is – empty hotels, poor governance & general public despondency,” Omar tweeted later. Apparently trying to explain why it has hppeed, Omar wrote: “Why couldn’t it have just been about the music? Why did the Home Ministry have to make it about propaganda?”

It was at this point, Adnan Sami reacted. “Bro ur a former CM..U shouldn’t be so unnerved by a music concert. U obviously have bad sources who lie 2 U – HERE are d photos!! #GrowUp.”

Omar reacted: “How does hoping you have a houseful suggest I’m unnerved? I’m glad people got to enjoy an evening of music. I used to like yours at one time.”

Low attendance led to delayed start of the musical concert

Adnan returned the tweet: “Oh please Omar! U retweeting ppls photos like a sadistic sore loser speaks volumes of ur lack of stature & pettiness. Up ur game- Its music!”

Omar responded by saying: “Aren’t you a big enough star? Do you really need the column inches in a gossip piece “Omar-Adnan spar”? I don’t. Enjoy Srinagar. Good night.”

Adnan Sami reacted: “Ur fickle mind shud know that its not about being a Star. It’s about coming together for the purpose of promoting peace, luv & harmony. GN”

Finally, Omar Abdullah cut short the exchange by tweeting: “Like you said right in the beginning – I am a former CM & so I’ll ignore yr 7-8 insults in 3 tweets. Thanks for coming to Srinagar. Stay safe”

The singer finally reacted: “So you finally realised huh! Der aye durust aye.”

Adnan Sami reacted to Omar by uploading this photo

The virtual exchanges between the top Kashmir politician and the singer-composer were re-tweeted thousand times. There were followers of the two personalities who took the battle forward and clearly crossed the limits of decency. Interestingly some of the singer’s followers attempting conveying “say safe” comment by Omar was a threat! The debate was joined later by various rightist hawks and jingoists.

Prior to the virtual spat between Omar and Adnai Sami, the singer had a long meeting with the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti at her official residence. Soon after the meeting the singer tweeted: “Roya, Medina & I were delighted 2 meet Honorable CM of Jammu & Kashmir @MehboobaMufti & her lovely family. Thank u 4 ur kind hospitality.

It had numerous reactions. But one of them by Qadir Tantray was very interesting. With the twitter handle @apolitical_thug, he tweeted: “Save your wifes hair from being chopped here in valley as our CM is unable to save our women’s hair from being chopped by agencies.”



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