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Terming the cancellation of Indo-Pak Foreign Secretary talks as “unfortunate” and “sorry state of affairs”, National Front Chairman and Hurriyat (JK) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan Tuesday said that the situation has made the intervention of United Nations inevitable.

“Who else than UN is the most suitable third party to intervene in a situation where talks are being cancelled? UN must come forward and resolve the long pending Kashmir dispute so that the whole South Asian region is saved from the destructions of war and continuous conflict,” Nayeem Khan said in a statement while reacting to the cancellation of talks between India and Pakistan.

India cancelled the scheduled talks with Pakistan as a reaction against meeting Pakistani High Commission with separatists.

Nayeem Khan said, “It is of utter importance that it was India which took the Kashmir dispute to UN and the internationally acclaimed and accepted institution passed many resolutions about it so who else than UN is a suitable third party to intervene in this regard. Moreover it is India whose political leadership has promised the people of J&K about the resolution of the dispute.”

Nayeem Khan said that refusing dialogue and opposing it in the twenty first century only exhibits the grave situation prevailing in the South Asian region. He said, “India and Pakistan have already fought two wars over Kashmir which only added to their sufferings.”

Kashmiris have been holding deliberations with Pakistan ever since the dispute came into being and New Delhi’s present political dispensation has created a meaningless hue and cry over it. “By reacting against it the Indian political leadership has created a situation of suffocation which can only lead to destruction,” he said.

Nayeem Khan appealed the Indian civil society to come forward and break its silence over the Kashmir dispute which needs a resolution so that the people living in the whole region can have an atmosphere without tension and chaos. “It is the responsibility of Indian civil society to talk to its political leadership and convince it about the resolution of Kashmir dispute and positive steps to resolve it,” Khan said.

Khan clarified that Kashmir dispute is not any border dispute between Indian and Pakistan but the question of political future of more than one crore people. He said, “Kashmiris have started their freedom struggle on their own and it is only Kashmiris who are contributing for their indigenous struggle.” He however said, “Pakistan is only supporting Kashmiris on political, diplomatic and moral fronts for which Kashmiri people are very thankful to Islamabad.”

Terming New Delhi stand as “hard” and “unrealistic” as the “biggest hurdle” in the way of resolution process, Nayeem Khan said that Indian civil society has a great responsibility to make its political leadership understand the importance of peace and resolution of disputes.


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