Afzal And Sarabhjeet, Both Matter: Rasheed

KL Report


MLA Langate Er Rashid has said that whether Indians “murder” Afzal Guru by hanging or Sarabjit loses his life in a Pakistani Jail, there is nothing to celebrate in either of the two incidents. In a press statement the independent MLA expressed sympathy with the family of Sarabjit Singh and said that he like Afzal Guru has fallen a victim to the hatred between India and Pakistan which is going on since 1947.

“Whether it is Afzala Guru’s wife or Sarabjit’s wife and whether it is Afzal’s son or Sarabjit’s son, for them there was nothing more precious and more important thing on earth than the lives of Afzal Guru and Sarabjit Singh. If Susheel Kumar Shanday and other Indian leaders pay homage to Sarabjit Singh and show sympathy with his family, they will have to give answers to Afzal’s family and people of Jammu and Kashmir for whom Afzal is a martyr.” Rasheed said.
He added, “If in Mr Shinday’s eyes Sarabjit is a martyr then how Afzal Guru was a terrorist, as both were convicted to death by respective supreme courts of India and Pakistan. The only difference between the murder of Sarabjit and Afzal was that Sarabjit was beaten to death by his jail mates at the behest of someone and Afzal was hanged secretly without fulfilling the legal procedures.”

MLA Langate asked the  Indian media to justify its act of glorifying Sarabjit Singh who was convicted in killing of 14 innocent people in Pakistan but at the same time same Indian print and electronic media has been projecting Afzal Guru as a threat to humanity though as per the court verdict he was not directly involved in the attack on Indian Parliament. “This act of speaking double standards by Indian media on terrorism has raised many questions on its professional capabilities to discharge its duties without being biased.” Rashid said.

He said that Kashmiris have a right to know that is it the same Indian political setup, harsh media and ineffective civil society that had turned deaf, dumb and blind when Afzal Guru was murdered and was projecting his “murder” as if state of India had achieved something extra ordinary which no other country could have achieved but now when Sarabjit Singh has lost battle of his life, their hearts and souls have turned suddenly much soft.

“There is no reason that in a civilized society one should mourn over a death and celebrate over the other,” he said.


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