Afzal Guru Event: Navlakha Accuses PDP of Surrendering before RSS



Gautum Navlakha
Gautam Navlakha

Castigating Delhi Police for charging Prof SAR Geelani and other Professors with sedition, renowned social and human rights activist Gautam Navlakha Tuesday said Kashmir will always “pose a threat to India” and this issue will reverberate everywhere till it is not resolved. “People in India have now started to grasp Kashmir issue but unfortunately Indian electronic media is misleading them. Barring few Indian news channels, all others are twisting facts to appease ‘extreme right wing fascist’ RSS elements. The white lie of media about JNU and Press Club of India episodes can’t help BJP and RSS in the long run,” Navlakha told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that discussing or organizing an event over ‘judicial killing’ of Muhammad Afzal Guru doesn’t tantamount to treason and sedition.

He castigated PDP member parliament Muzaffar Hussain Beigh for condemning the raising of anti-India slogans in JNU in New Delhi.

He alleged that PDP has “completely surrendered” before ‘extreme right wing fascist organization’ RSS and enacted a drama over government formation in Jammu and Kashmir. “It is irony that PDP that once spoke for the oppressed lot has become a follower of BJP and RSS. Mark my words, PDP will hug BJP again and the delay in government formation was just a drama to befool the people of Kashmir. The PDP is just a pawn in the hands of RSS and this party has and will provide a platform to RSS in Kashmir Valley,” he said adding that shortly after the formation of the government in Jammu and Kashmir RSS will “knock at the doors of Kashmir in a big way”.

Gautam Navlakha said that every political party in Kashmir has been thinking in terms of “their own interests” thus ignoring the plight of common people. “The murder of two innocent students at the hands of Indian Army in Pulwama is not a new incident but such killings have been going on from past 27 years. Instead of taking people on board and take measures to resolve K-issue, India has been busy in suppressing and muzzling the voice of common Kashmiri,” he said adding that “nowhere in India a Kashmiri is safe”.

“A Kashmiri is not safe in Kashmir then how he/she be safe in India? Even a large section of Indians are not safe in India. RSS fascists have completely taken the charge of police and administration. Demonizing of students and other people with secular and liberal ideology has been going on unabated in India. Delhi police violated the Supreme Court judgment by charging Prof SAR Geelani, Professor Ali Javid, Professor Vijay Singh and others with sedition. One fails to understand how police took the suo moto cognizance of the pro-Kashmir sloganeering at Press Club of India when it shows reluctance to file a genuine case. It is all conspiracy and police have been acting on the instructions of BJP and RSS,” he said.

Responding to a question, Gautam Navlakha said out of over 600 Indian districts, 300 have been facing draught conditions. “Farmers are dying. Poverty has engulfed them. To divert the attention from that issue, BJP tried to bring events related to Muhammad Afzal Guru into prominence.

]Navlakha questioned those who harp on patriotism mantra and think they are the only harbingers of Indian nationalism should raise their voice in favour of the people of Chattisgarh where “Indian troopers have been indulging in loot, arson, gang rapes and murders in the name of national security”. “Hundreds of females have been gang raped in Chattisgarh and Police do not bother to register an FIR. This exposes the real face of the RSS backed present BJP Government. For this government a pro-Kashmir slogan is a crime while gang rapes in Chattisgarh and killings of civilians in Kashmir are no issues at all,” he said.


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