Agenda of alliance an express assurance for dialogue and resolution: Madni



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Senior Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and Vice President Sartaj Madni emphasized the need to carry forward the initiatives that are necessary for fulfilling the promises made in the alliance document in the larger interest of the peace in the region and bringing an end to the prolonged miseries of the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

Madni said the appointment of Disneshwar Sharma as an interlocutor has already set in motion the process and a beginning has been made at the local level for a required connect to forge reconciliation. The state government has taken several confidence-building measures to instill faith and trust among the people, particularly youth along with holistic development plans and misery mitigating welfare measures.

However, delay in resumption of sustainable dialogue and revival of peace initiatives between India and Pakistan is causing worries and has the potential of undermining the Agenda of Alliance (AoA), Madni said adding vital initiatives that were taken during Vajpayee regime in this direction also are seen missed at the peril of the much desired peace process.

Madni said Vajpayee Doctrine had emerged as a benchmark for shared concerns and this process was able to claim public approval at local as well as sub-continental level.

Madni recalled how PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed amply contributed to Vajpayee’s peace campaign which changed the discourse entirely creating ambiance for conflict resolution. It was a result of this campaign that then Pakistan President reciprocated to transform hostility into bonhomie and the region was filled with hope and optimism. Vajpayee – Musharaf mutual understanding took the Kashmir problem nearer to the solution. It is an irony and misfortune that the process got scuttled before it could culminate into something tangible. Alas, the conflict was perpetuated compounding the issues and progress made was reversed at the peril of the people.

Madni said even as state Government made concerted efforts to carry ahead the developmental agenda and pursued the course of political reconciliation through series of developmental, welfare and amnesty measures, the dip in Indo–Pak relations pushed the state into fresh spell of bloodshed Madni said Mufti Mohammad Sayeed had desired otherwise when he entered into government formation with BJP, it was his hope and belief that under the leadership of Narender Modi, Vajpayee initiative will be resumed and Indo-Pak relations would improve as a tribute to the veteran national Leader. He had envisioned that Modi’s massive electoral mandate will work as added strength to settle the long-pending dispute.

Madni said alliance reflected this belief and PDP’s own resolve to resolve Kashmir when Mehbooba followed her mentor and leader to continue alliance. She was no less influenced by the Vajpayee example and promise made in the AoA, which she has been seeing as the only reference point for resolution of issues including the Kashmir issue. She has never discredited the AOA and in fact made herself an offer for internal dialogue, besides exhorting upon New Delhi to forge friendly ties with neighbouring Pakistan.

Madni said it is heartening to note that Union Government has bound itself not to fiddle with Article 370, as promised in AoA and facilitated trust deficit through development component to a great measure.


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