Agenda of BJP is to create a Hindu Rastra: Dr Farooq


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Monday asserted that no PM brought disrepute to the valued post of PM as Modi did saying that victory of Modi will cost India its democracy and secular character.

Dr Farooq Abdullah

Addressing a public meet at Munawar Abad in Habba Kadal Constituency, Party President said that he has never seen a PM like Modi who has demeaned the very standing of the PM’s chair with his unfairness and revulsion for certain sections of society particularly Muslims.

“The ensuing elections provide us with an appropriate opportunity to salvage our nation from the fangs of communal frenzy and bigotry. I have seen various Prime Ministers of our country from Jawaharlal Nehru to Vajpayee but believe me, I have never seen a biased person like Modi. In a country like India, a PM is supposed to care for all. PM Modi failed to abide by the Raj Darma, which even late Atal Ji had asked him to follow in letter and spirit. However, we never saw Modi shed a single tear or utter a single word of remorse or empathy for the plight of minorities in India, in particular, the miseries of people in Kashmir. In a country like ours, a PM has seen to the difficulties of all. The slogan of collective development turned out to be a hoax. Now the people of the country have made it show him his rightful place, and we too should put in our efforts in dismantling the citadel of BJP which is made up of lies and bigotry. The ill-conceived policies of Modi have jinxed every single sector of our Nation state, every pivotal sector; every person is yearning for a new lease of life. We should avail the ensuing opportunity of elections to clean the nation and state of communal strife. We should not let this opportunity go unutilized.”

“Tell me have you ever seen any PM of India speak the way he speaks? Does it behoove a person of his standing to make such sarcastic jibes, sneering comments? Does it behoove his standing to maintain calm at a time when minorities of the country are being intimidated? It certainly does not! If God forbid he comes back the country will never see elections again. Even the institutions that have brought repute to our country could not remain unaffected from the ill-conceived policies and undue political intervention of BJP led central government.”

“The opportunity is tapping our door if we want to see a country where the minorities live holding their heads high we have to bid Modi goodbye. If we want to save our state flag, our state constitution, our special status we have to ensure that BJP and their cronies as are holding an apple in their hand are defeated. Only then can a dream of secular, democratic and progressive India be realized. Now it is up to you. We all should make it a point to Vote on 18 April. This time every single vote you cast will be for our honor, dignity, and special status within the union of India,” he said.

Party president said that the much-parroted catch words ‘Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat, and Insaniyat’ turned out to be sheer jugglery of words.

“PM Modi has talked about winning hearts of Kashmiris, but our hearts won by closing highways for civilian traffic? When our kids, traders were being targeted across the country, where was he? Why didn’t he use the platform of Man Ki Baat to ease out the tension at the very onset of violence against Kashmiris? What has he done for our state? He cannot shy away from the genuine questions that people of our state are raising. People are the best judge and in the forthcoming days he shall have to pay for his follies, theatrics, and gimmicks and hate mongering,” he said.

Party president said that BJP has failed on every conceivable matrix and is not willing to come forward to acquaint the nation with its achievement. “How can they, when there are none. The agriculture sector is limping, there are no jobs. The farmers are taking to suicide, and have hit roads protesting against the inhuman anti-farmer policies of Modi. Having been failed to deliver they are masquerading behind various things. They can go to any extent to come back to power. The other day huge consignments of explosives and other weaponry were recovered from the house of a BJP functionary in Uttar Pradesh. What does this suggest? The incident reveals how low they can hunk down for the lust of a chair. They have no love for people, and nation,” adding, “Their only agenda is to create a Hindu Rastra; however this country belongs to all. The idea of India is inclusive.”

Party president said that BJP’s manifesto reflects how much abhorrence they nurture for the special status of our state. “Their sole agenda is to change the Muslim identity of our state. However, let them hear, the people of our state won’t let them touch the constitutional provision that guards our identity. If they think we will do nothing and let them have a field day they are wrong. Any attempt to touch our status will have far-reaching consequences on our relationship with the union,” Adding, “How shameless are those who are contesting from BJP tickets from Kashmir, aren’t they aware of the nefarious designs of BJP-RSS. The forthcoming elections are significant in a way because it affords us an opportunity to show those forces as are inimical to it as to how passionately we feel our status. This parliament election is about our identity, unity, integrity; don’t take it lightly. The coming generations will never forgive us if we don’t clean the state of the communal yolk.”

Addressing the gathering party’s general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar said, “National conference has always shown steadfastness in protecting the identity of our state.  Our party has rendered sacrifices for the sanctity of our flag. Today people who have always shown abhorrence for Art 370 are coming in different hues and colours holding apples and lotus. Such forces, we all know are inimical to our status. Be vigilant of their machinations, they can go to any extent to grind their axe.”

“The governor administration is explicitly acting as a pawn in the hands of BJP-RSS. Today our National highway, our artery has been closed for civilian traffic. What does this suggest?  Are we the slaves of Centre?  We have never lowered our guard before; we won’t do it in the future also. We would never allow anybody to enslave us; we aren’t a colony, we are rightful citizens of India. We joined hands with the union on certain conditions if those conditions aren’t respected the Accession will be annulled.”

Party Additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustufa Kamal also urged the people to vote and support Dr. Farooq Abdullah. “People are fed up of the incumbent governor administration, every single person is beseeching for a democratically elected government.”

Addressing the gathering party’s women’s wing president and Ex-MLA Habbakal welcomed the party president and urged the people to send Dr Farooq to parliament with a huge winning margin. While cautioning the people against the gimmickry and election time tears of Mehbooba Mufti, she said, “Muftis have always nurtured hate for Srinagar. The urban life of Srinagar bore the brunt of the misgovernment of PDP-BJP government. The unemployment is at its high in Srinagar and to top it off the city saw no investment in its road and community infrasture.”

District President Srinagar Pir Afaq presided over the pulpit. Political advisor to party president Mushtaq Ahmad Guroo was also present on the occasion.


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