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Awami Ittihaad Party (IPP) Wednesday lashed out at authorities over the detention of some locals at Gool, Ramban, terming such acts highly ‘Condemnable’.

According to a statement issued to KNS, the party spokesman, Showkat Nadwi mentioned that the acts undermine the system of justice. The spokesman further stated that the persons raising slogans for ‘justice and equality’ should take into consideration the ground realities that are contrary to their claims.

“The recent arrests of locals at Gool, Ramban by the forces is the proof that the Jammu and Kashmir has become the army garrison where the claims of justice is a mirage,” said the AIP spokesman in the statement received by Kashmir News Service.

He further appealed that such acts should be condemned on every political podium so that the inquiry in the Gool firing could not be hindered by the ‘vested interests’.

The AIP spokesman while demanding the immediate release of the persons detained at Ramban in the recent past, alleged that the people of the state by these acts are losing faith in the political institutions of the land.


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