‘AIIMS Jammu’ Row: Lawmaker Rashid asks NC to Clear its Stand

KL Report


Independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid Friday assailed Jammu based Political, Social and Civil society groups for observing strike against what they call shifting of AIIMS to Kashmir Valley. According to his party’s statement, Rashid stated that this shows ‘fascist’ and biased attitude of Jammu based groups and their prejudiced mentality. He also National Conference to clear its stand on the issue.

Rashid said that Kashmiris can’t expect anything good and just based from Jammu based politicians, but they are deeply hurt by NC and Congress who have played key role in announcing and organising today’s Jammu Bandh and thus helped right wing forces in Jammu to charge atmosphere further against Kashmiris.

“Facts and figures reveal Kashmiris have been always deprived of their rights and a notion and perception has been created as if they are baggers and second class citizens. Few years back in the name of Prime Minister Reconstruction Program (PRP) when then Union government provided a huge package for the state to rebuild and reconstruct the infrastructure that had suffered destruction due to turmoil, surprisingly Jammu and Ladakh regions grabbed major chunk of funds allotted through PMPRP,” he alleged.

“While it is self-explanatory that reconstruction was much needed in Kashmir as it had lost everything but Kashmiris were shown only the lollypops and given peanuts and Jammu and Ladakh regions enjoyed the package meant for Kashmir.”

Rashid asked National Conference to make its stand clear on AIIMS controversy and tell whether the party stood by Kashmiris or wanted to take Kashmiris for granted yet again to improve its vote bank in Jammu region.

“Union government had declared establishing of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) for Jammu and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for Kashmir region, while Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for Jammu was also announced few days earlier to this announcement. If the argument of these anti Kashmiri groups that AIIMS was to be established in Jammu is believed to be true, may they explain then what Union government had Kashmiris to offer?” Rashid asked.

“These elements,” he added, “have always deprived people of Chenab Valley and Peer Panchal regions and giving always a notion as if Jammu region is confined to Jammu city only. One can then logically raise questions that are teargas shells, pepper Grenades, Bullets reserved for already browbeaten Kashmiris only.”


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