AIP Criticizes ‘Communal politics’ over place names

KL Report


Awami Itehad Party Monday criticized the ‘communal elements’ for raising an unnecessary debate over whether to name a revered place as Shankaracharya Hill in Srinagar, or Takht-e-Suleiman Hill.

According to a party statement, the party spokesperson said, “Both communities call the place as Shankaracharya Hill or Takht-e-Suleiman Hill without any problem but  to all those including Chief Minister who are indulging in this communal debate over this issue, we want to ask that ‘ Why they feel unnecessary pain in calling Shankaracharya Hill in Srinagar  also Takht-e-Suleiman Hill.’ What about naming of place in Kupwara District (Zarla Karnah) as Pathankot and calling Nastachhin Gali as Sadana Gali?”

The spokesperson questioned the names of different “army camps in state that have been given such names which have nothing to do with the cultural legacy of the state”.

“All this points out that under secret orders of Delhi, certain elements including army want to eschew the rich cultural legacy from Kashmiris,” he said.

The spokesperson further said that the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s move to change the name of the coveted project in  Jammu region as Bhaupurkhu under the pressure of ‘communal elements’ while even on the records of Revenue Department the stated  place exists as “Shahabad”.

“Kashmiris will rise above all difference to fight this cultural aggression,” the AIP Spokesperson maintained.

Meanwhile, Awami Itehad Party (AIP) stated that it would clear its stance on parliamentary elections soon based on its contact programme with public, interaction with eminent and senior citizens and also seeking views from its workers.


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