AIP Reacts Strongly Against Tanveer

KL Report


A day after its formation, Awami  Ittehad Party (AIP) led by Er Rashid has strongly reacted against the statement of Tanveer Sadiq, political advisor to the chief minister by calling him as “a product of dynasty politics.”

AIP spokes person Showkat Ahmad Nadvi termed the statement issued by Tanveer Sadiq as “ridiculous, childish and baseless.” He alleged that Sadiq has made personal attacks on Er Rashid.

Strongly condemned the remarks made by Tanveer as “unacceptable” and an act of “frustration” on part of National Conferences leadership, the spokesman said, “Everybody is in knowhow of the fact that NC is rapidly losing its faith and reputation in the masses because of its anti Kashmir policies and the frustrated remarks made just hours after launching of AIP are a crystal clear evidence to reach the conclusion that NC has accepted its defeat before the AIP on the very first day. NC is scared of the neat and clean image of Er Rashid and seems to be running out of logic and argument to face the heat of public support which AIP has started gaining at a brisk note all across the state.”

“Tanveer Saidiq is just trying to please his masters in Sheikh Dynasty in order to ensure that he continues to enjoy illegal privileges and huge salary despite losing badly in 2008 assembly elections. The NC is working like a rehabilitation cell for political renegades as Tanveer Sadiq, who himself is a product of dynasty politics.”He further said.


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