AIP Reacts to VHP’s Life Threat to Er Rashid, Accuses Police of ‘Encouraging Goons’



Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Sunday strongly reacted to Vishva Hindu Parishat (VHP) Jammu President Leela Karan who has publicly threatened that “if Er Rashid can be thrashed in Srinagar, much more can happen in Jammu”.

Party Spokesperson Adv Majid Banday, in a party statement said, “the threat given by VHP and other Hindu forces has not only exposed the communal forces of Jammu but has also proved that how these forces are working under the patronage of Mufti Sayeed led RSS sponsored administration.”

Banday added Muslims are bound to be tolerant by their religious teachings but “tolerance doesn’t mean surrendering our own rights”.

The AIP spokesperson further said, “nobody on earth can stop any Muslim from preaching his religion nor can stop them from eating food of their choice. We will never surrender before these fascist sick minded forces and will not get suppressed by their cowardly acts. The way these goons have been keen to attack Er Rashid’s residence in Shahabad Mohalla, Jammu with full patronage of Jammu Police, should act as an eye opener for the world community to take notice of these communal forces which have started criminalising the politics throughout India. Whatsoever has happened in Manipore in UP or Udhampur in J&K is enough to read writing on the wall that these forces want India to become a fascist Hindu State. These goons have full patronage of PDP and PDP leadership seems to have sold everything including their faith and conscience.”

“Had Mufti taken a stand over the anti-beef ban bill, these goons who have attacked Kashmiris in Udhampur and burned the truck would never ever have dared to do so,” Banday said and asked Mufti Sayeed led government not to “play with the fire and not to under estimate the stamina and will power of Kashmiris” who have successfully came out of the odd situations created by these communal forces.

Spokesperson added, “the threats given by Leela Karan reveal a big conspiracy and need not to be taken lightly as he is the person who left no stone unturned to harm and torcher Muslims and destroy their property in 2008 Amarnath agitation.”

Banday warned these disruptive forces for their threats of economic blockade to Kashmir and added, “they must understand Kashmiris have alternate and natural options and routes available when required, which can’t be stopped by the military might.”


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