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National Conference Leader Mohammad Akbar Lone has issued a press statement for immediate release in the context of a scuffle that took place between the NC leader and an individual at a public meeting in Watergam, Rafiabad Tuesday. The text of Lone’s statement is as follows:

According to a statement issued to KNS, Lone has said: “I regret the unfortunate incident in which I got into a scuffle with an individual in Rafiabad who tried to disrupt a public meeting being held there while trying to raise a personal grievance. I deeply regret losing my calm and getting into a physical scuffle with the said individual. Soon after the public meeting ended, I met the concerned individual and apologized to him for losing my calm and the concerned individual in turn apologized for disrupting the public meeting in the manner that he did. The Honorable Chief Minister was completely unaware of this incident. However, after being informed about this unfortunate incident the Honorable Chief Minister sought and met the concerned individual personally and assured him that his personal issue would be looked into through the due process after the end of Parliamentary Elections. The concerned individual apologized for disrupting the public meeting and expressed gratitude to the Honorable Chief Minister for meeting him personally.”


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