All illegal entries in revenue records expunged in Srinagar: Admin


The Srinagar district administration has expunged all illegal entries made against encroached government and kacharai land from revenue records of the district and has started processing eviction proceedings against illegal occupants starting with issuing eviction notices thereto.

The illegal entries have been cancelled and expunged for all of 34,238 kanals of encroached land across all seven tehsils of the district — including 25,327 kanals and 7 marlas of government land and 8910 kanals and 7 marlas of kacharai land.

These illegal entries have been removed from totals of 5631 survey numbers against the government land and 1682 survey numbers against the kacharai land from across the district.

The details of illegal occupants include totals of 13,223 encroachers on government land and 4650 encroachers on kacharai land. These include 5007 encroachers of 14,848 kanals and 2 marlas in Eidgah tehsil, 4584 encroachers of 8124 kanals and 14 marlas in North tehsil, 4451 encroachers of 3213 kanals and 16 marlas in South tehsil, 1890 encroachers of 4361 kanals and 6 marlas in Shalteng tehsil, 1352 encroachers of 2224 kanals and 1 marla in Khanyar tehsil, 513 encroachers of 1375 kanals and 10 marlas in Panthachowk tehsil, and 76 encroachers of 90 kanals and 4 marlas in Chanpora tehsil.

It is notable that a comprehensive audit of revenue records was initiated last month in all seven tehsils of the Srinagar district in compliance with the directions of the Financial Commissioner Revenue.

Having completed the expunction process the district administration is now processing eviction proceedings against illegal occupants of this encroached land. The administration has also set up a team of officials to identify those involved in the sale of government land and initiate legal action in each case.

In order to avoid illegal entries into revenue records or physical encroachment of land in their respective jurisdictions in future, all Sub Divisional Magistrates and Tehsildars of the district are under strict instructions of the Deputy Commissioner Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary to do regular scrutiny of revenue records and keep a close vigil on encroachers.

The DC has also urged the general public to report all cases of land encroachments to concerned Tehsildars and assist the administration in its efforts to safeguard government and common land in the district.


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