All Parties have Let You Down, Vote for PDP: Mehbooba appeals Chenab Valley

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Appealing the people of Chenab Valley to vote wholeheartedly for her party in the forthcoming assembly elections, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President, Mehbooba Mufti Thursday said the people in the mountainous region have in the past voted for all parties except the PDP, and it was time that they gave a chance to this party which has established itself as a credible alternative to the now collapsing Congress and National Conference.

Addressing a public meeting at Doda, she said the Chenab Valley region has in the past voted for Congress, National Conference and even BJP but that could not bring about any change into their standards of life. She said the area continues to face huge development deficit in roads, health, education, power and all other sectors.

Mehbooba appealed to the people to give PDP a chance to serve them on the strength of its performance during its brief tenure in the government between 2002 and 2005 and its visionary agenda under the leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

The PDP President said until now people have been supporting the National Conference and Congress by given them majority in the assembly but in return they only brought disgrace to the people and compromised the state’s interests.

Mehbooba said the PDP has now become a pan Jammu and Kashmir party by way of its pro-people agenda, credibility of its leadership, clean politics, vision, programmes and policies and it understands well what the problems of this state are and how they can be addressed democratically. “We understand your problems and concerns better way than anyone else and it is only with your support that we can change the course of history,” she said and added that the performance of PDP both in the government and in opposition is in front of everyone to judge.

Mehbooba said Jammu and Kashmir is currently facing with tough challenges of instability, mis-governance, unemployment, corruption, development deficit and host of other issues and it is the PDP only which has a comprehensive plan and vision to address these issues. “Your support is crucial for us at this point of time to allow us to take the state forward and rewrite a new chapter in the Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh’s history,” the PDP Chief told the gathering.

Mehbooba said though both NC and Congress got decimated in this year’s Lok Sabha elections now the direct electoral contest is between PDP and Congress in the assembly elections. She said the PDP is seeking votes on a positive agenda and envisions taking the state to newer heights of development, peace and prosperity. “It is now up to the people how strong a government they want to give the state under the leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed which can effectively tackle the challenges facing it,” Mehbooba said.

She said new challenges have emerged with the failure of National Conference and Congress— that is the rise of forces that are playing dangerous politics by dividing the state on communal and religious lines and that is the last thing our pluralistic and inclusive state can afford. She said Omar Abdullah presided over the most corrupt and inefficient regime in the state which not only unleashed huge atrocities on the people but even got disgrace to the state’s authority by not working wisely.

Referring to the tourism potential in Doda, Mehbooba said the entire mountainous belt is destined to become a leading tourism destination in the world provided it is developed in a planned way without affecting the environs. “The unparalleled scenic beauty of the area has so for remained untapped. There is enormous possibility for eco, adventure, culture and heritage tourism here,” she said and assured the people that the PDP will promote the scenic beauty of the area once it is voted to power that will not only increase the economic activity in the area but  will create respectable job opportunities for the local youth.

Mehbooba said the aim behind the idea for creating Doda-Kishtwar-Sinthantop-Kokernag tourist circuit during the PDP-led govt was to uplift economy of the hilly region.  “To introduce planned development of tourism, PDP during its tenure, constituted around two dozen Tourism Development Authorities for the unexplored areas across the state,” she said adding the concept picked up but got derailed later due the lack of vision on part of present dispensation.

She said Daedni in Marmat is a very beautiful area with scenic grandeur and it should have been brought on tourism map. She said PDP will take up its development on priority if voted to power.

Mehbooba said Doda and other areas of Chenab valley, under the previous PDP- Congress coalition saw some massive infrastructure development, but the present dispensation has failed to do anything to the people living in the mountainous region.


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