All party meet: If these parties are really serious then all the black laws should be revoked, says Mirwaiz



Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Wednesday said that the “all-pro India Parties Meeting convened by Mehbooba Mufti” is nothing more than a farce to mislead people into believing that they are serious or can do something to bring people out of the current oppressive state.

In a statement issued here, Mirwaiz said these are the parties and people who are responsible for our misery and violence that people are facing for the past seventy years in general and thirty years in particular.

He said our suffering is an outcome of the draconian laws and legislation put in place here by New Delhi with the full cooperation and support of pro-India parties. Over the years these parties kept yielding our sovereignty and compromising on our status before New Delhi for the sake of chair. Today Kashmir is a colony of India with over seven lakh government forces stationed here ensuring control through force resulting in severe repression on people. And these parties who willingly preside over that repression for the sake of chair that has no power as all power rests with New Delhi, want us to believe that their meetings will bring us relief!

Mirwaiz said when all space for the expression of dissent is choked and gagged, as in Kashmir, youth feel forced to turn to violent means.   When these young boys are killed by the forces and police as in Shopian their bosses condone and congratulate the forces.  And when young civilians are killed, there is silence, not even an FIR is filed anywhere for the killing of seven innocent youth which includes the one who was mowed to death by an armoured vehicle.

Mirwaiz questioned as to who is responsible and accountable for spilling of their blood.

Mirwaiz said if these parties are really serious and mean business then all the black laws should be revoked forthwith and the force’s personnel responsible for the killing of innocent youth should be brought to justice.

Mirwaiz said that the situation in Kashmir is so fragile and worrisome that in just two months forces have killed 32 civilians mostly youth while scores have been blinded and maimed by the deadly pellets and pava shells.

He said for the resistance camp, all means of peaceful protests and political space has been closed.  Mirwaiz asked those in a chair that how long will they continue to follow the diktats of New Delhi and preside over the killings of Kashmiris.

Meanwhile, senior APHC leader Mukhtar Ahmed Waza visited the residence of 20-year-old Sajad Ahmed Rather of Dooru Islamabad and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family. Sajad was killed in the government force’s firing recently.


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