Alleging Attack, SRO Kashmir Halts Oxygen Supply To Covid-19 Patients

by Hirra Azmat

SRINAGAR: SRO Kashmir, a prominent Kashmir NGO, which has acted a saviour in difficult times for the Covid-19 patients, will not be entertaining any requests for Oxygen supply for a while in the wake of an attack on their main office in Batamaloo on Saturday, office-bearers said.

A charity group SRO is leading a major campaign to ensure the Covid-19 patients get the oxygen supply in time. Pic: Special arrangement

Speaking to Kashmir Life, one of the executive members of the SRO said their head office at Bonapora, Batamaloo was attacked, trespassed into and forcibly locked by some unscrupulous elements.

“Around 10:30 am, our volunteer Shahid faced a serious murderous assault. His phone and other personal belongings were snatched. He was first beaten inside the office and later to show the naked display of power, he was dragged outside by his collar, to further humiliate him and beat him. He was alone in the office that time,” the member said, wishing not to be named.

The member explained that there is an abandoned migrant property in their vicinity.

“Some unscrupulous elements had taken control over it for the last seven months. Recently, they have also begun construction on it. We had written to the divisional commissioner to take some action against it. Following which, he had taken a cognizance of matter and instructed the local Pathwaris and Tehsildars to take an action,” he said.

He said the case was forwarded to the Srinagar Municipal Corporation.

“They were planning to demolish it, however, the demolition was not executed. On Saturday, the construction was again resumed so we informed the enforcement officer to take a swift action on it. They accordingly, sent a squad and made some minor demolitions,” he said.

The member said that suspecting SRO-Kashmir, for being a hurdle for them in grabbing the abandoned property, they executed this attack in a meticulously planned manner.

The SRO has filed a police complaint in the Police Station Batamaloo.

“We have given our complaint before the Police station but the FIR has not been registered yet,” he said.

The member said the NGO will not take any requests for now.

“Till the FIR is registered, the NGO will not be functional. We are receiving calls for help from people in distress, which unfortunately we would not be able to take. We hope, our operations won’t be made to suffer for long and swift action is taken against the goons,” he said.


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