Amid biting-cold Channa Mohalla Branwar residents decry acute water, electricity shortage


Residents of Channa Mohalla Branwar, a far-flung area of Chadoora in Budgam district are up in arms against Power Development Department (PDD) and Public Health Engineering (PHE) department for erratic electricity and water crisis in the area.

The residents said that they are struggling with continuous power and water supply issues in this chilling winter and despite repeated pleas to the concerned officials the issues are not being addressed.

“The concerned officials of PDD with the “lame excuses” are wasting our time from last two months, we were earlier told to approach Junior Engineer for the new transformer but he clearly refused to provide the transformer, said Basir Ahmad Najar, a resident of Channa Mohalla.

“Same is the case with water, due to the crisis our women folk are forced to fetch the water from a distance of around one kilometre, and water from a local “Nullah” is the only source for all of us,” he added.

They said the mosques in the area are without water, and three months have passed but no initiatives’ has been taken in this regard.

The residents have requested the authorities to restore the electricity and water supplies in the area so that the residents have a sigh of relief in this biting cold.


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