Amid flood threat, call drops, erratic network irks city subscribers

KL Report


People on Thursday expressed anguish over the erratic mobile services due to which they had to face hardships in contacting their dear ones.

According to KNS correspondent, the continuous call drops and erratic services of cellular companies particularly Airtel and Vodafone have aggrieved the people in Srinagar, who say they again have been taken for a ride by the cellular operators who shut their services when they were needed most.

“There is no internet and no mobile services available in Srinagar due to which we are facing hardships. We fail to understand how rains affect the functioning of these cellular companies. Government has to take a serious measure to end our woes as they take our money but provide no services when needed most,” one of the subscribers told KNS.

Others also echoed the same views, saying no respite is being provided in this hour of great need by the cellular operators. The residents added that the continuous call drops irked them giving tough time to people to know the whereabouts of their dear ones when the flood threats loomed large over Srinagar and other areas of Kashmir valley.




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