Amid Tral ‘Trauma’, Er Rashid Terms KPs ‘Unfortunate Agents of Delhi’

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Er-Abdul-Rashid-MLAMLA Langate Engineer Rashid Tuesday stated that while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone to preach peace and human ethics in Germany, France, the Indian State has stained Kashmir with innocent killings in Tral.

“Words will fall short to express grief of Tral killings,” he said.

Rashid used the occasion to react the controversy created by his latest pandit remarks.

“When you use unethical language ‘who the idiot engineer Rashid is’, you should know I have suffered with my browbeaten nation not fled like the likes of those Pandits with just one bullet fired at behest of than Governor Jagmohan,” he said.

“Engineer Rashid is the one who was used human shield by army, bonded labourer along with his people. India has been kept alive by those Kashmiri’s in Kashmir who are either NC, PDP or policeman or counter insurgents. Kashmiri Pandits who left have been honest to none.”

Since 1989, he said, official estimates reveal there have been very few FIRs from Pandits and total Firs are 140 and 209 killings, “and how can 209 killings be called genocide while not killing of eighty thousand deaths of Kashmiri Muslims.”

Er Rashid said ‘separate pandit settlements’ are ploy to convert Kashmir into Palestine.

“We will not allow any separate colonies, Union Territories that is a fascist ploy to suffocate Kashmir.”

Eighty three doctors among Pandit community migrated and drew double salaries from Jammu and Delhi, he said.

“Those Pandits and Sikhs who did not left are living with dignity and I offer special salute to Sikh brothers,” he said. “Pandits have been unfortunately used as agents by Delhi to counter genuine Kashmir cause or Kashmiri leadership ever since 1947.”

If Pandits want Homeland, he said, “why not Homeland for persecuted Muslims of Assam, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh etc.”

While Kashmiri Muslims died, he said, “the packages and perks were entertained by Kashmiri Pandits.”

Rashid vowed, “We will give free land to Kashmiri Pandits if they want to settle and I will start from Langate.”

Mufti Sayeed, he said, has been terrible failure with 90 controversies in 45 days and compromised on every basic issue be it State Flag, Self Rule, AFSPA, Self Rule or releasing political prisoners.

“Pro-freedom leadership should ask for strengthening AFSPA as it is identity of Indian state in Kashmir,” he said. “Let every Kashmiri leadership including freedom leadership and Mainstream not be apologetic on Kashmiri Pandit issue as this is ploy to shift attention from real political issue of Kashmir.”

Meanwhile, Er Rashid was detained on way to Tral.


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