Amit Shah careless in presenting actual facts to people: PDP


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday rejected the accusations of the BJP’s national president Amit Shah which he made in Jammu. The party has stated that Shah has been quite careless while presenting the actual facts to the people during his speech.

PDP’s senior leader Abdul Rehman Veeri in a statement said that the coalition government in the state came into existence in March 2015- soon after the catastrophic floods had wrecked havoc in Valley, damaging public and private infrastructure at a very large scale.

Veeri said Valley deserved special attention during the government’s first year as the bridges, roads hospitals, schools and other vital infrastructures were badly damaged in the ravaging 2014 floods. “But is not based on facts that Jammu and Ladakh faced the neglect of any sort. Equitable development of all the three regions remained a top priority of the government and Jammu and Ladakh were equally benefitted by the governance of the previous coalition. The irony is that the BJP’s national president has decided to run down the MLAs and ministers of his own party by arguing about the less development in Jammu. He perhaps has forgotten that BJP was the equal partner in the coalition and the BJP ministers were holding key portfolios in the government,”

Veeri said that the statement by Amit Shah in Jammu has been made for political benefits but the fact remains that such rhetoric wouldn’t help the sensitive state like Jammu and Kashmir in any way.

He added that PDP worked at the forefront to present Jammu and Kashmir as a composite state and not to let anyone fragment it on any ground.

“The best barometer to find the development in Jammu and Ladakh regions of the state is to seek response from the people of these regions and explore the ways to  keep the state united and harmonious,” Veeri said, adding that the government across the state-subsidized Ration for more a crore people and the state emerged as number one across India in terms of rural development, revival of the PMGSY and CRF.

Veeri maintained further that if there is any snail’s pace development witnessed anywhere in the state, it is in the projects being funded by the central government which continuously keep missing the deadlines. “The expansion of the national highway was executed two decades earlier and its completion is still not near. The building of railways commenced in the state in the year 1983 from Udhampur to Srinagar. Shah should have at least studied the figures and then come up with the baseless jibes,” Veeri said.

He added that it is unnatural to blame a single party and that Amit Shah cannot get away with the fact that BJP was an equal partner in running the state coalition after the 2014 polls and if there is any development deficit, it is with the departments which were held by the BJP ministers in the coalition.

“The undeniable fact is that the smart city proposals, power reforms, the establishment of medical colleges are in limbo and interestingly all the ministers were with the BJP during the three-year tenure of the coalition in the state. On the contrary, Jammu and Kashmir witnessed a massive development in the sectors of education, rural development, construction of highways, roads and bridges, construction of hostels, colleges, establishment of two cluster universities in Jammu and in Srinagar, scarping of the stamp duties for women of Jammu and Kashmir and revival of the sports in all the three regions of the state,” Veeri said.

PDP stated further that the BJP by raking up such issues is trying to justify its exit from the coalition which was founded with the larger goals to resolve Kashmir through serious and consistent dialogue and reconciliatory measures.

“It is now the universally acknowledged fact that use of force by no means is going to resolve any issue and the coalition in 2015 was made with the same spirit as was witnessed in 2003 when Vajpayee was in New Delhi and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was in Kashmir and an era of peace and prosperity was ushered with earnest efforts from both sides.  PDP will continue to fight for the amicable solution for the Kashmir issue through dialogue and engagement with the stakeholders,” PDP senior leader Abdul Rehman Veeri said.


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