An Invitation

By Zubair Arif Shah




Come! Every soul of eternity,

come carrying all belongings;

with food of hope,

and drinks of despair.

With adornments of heat and cold;

of joy and misery.


There is a place in my heart,

empty and wide open,

beyond the ashes of burning desires,

beneath the dark

weeping sky;

weeping tears of ignorance.


There is an abode

of lush green charm,

where all anxieties rest in calm

and all troubles eat

from the delicate date palms.


Come! Search every corner,

every broken window glass.

There is a place,

full of magical delights,

where joy and sorrows,

dance together and

befriend disguise.


Search O’ wanderer,

be my faithful gambler.

And deliver my funeral,

to the abode unbound.


There is a place,

where eternity exists,

and caravans of tranquillity;

reside in awe and wonder.


There is a place in my heart

where life exists,

and a cure for my flesh;

bleeding pangs of failure exists.


Come! O’ souls of eternity,

search thy treasure,

and search my life.

Come! O wayfarer,

Come again.


(Zubair Arif Shah, Undergraduate student at Jamia Millia Islamia) 


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