PDP Trying to Crush Political Opponents: Congress



JK PCC Chief GA Mir Saturday claimed that four month rule of Coalition government led by PDP in the state was a “complete failure”.

“Political victimization is the hallmark of PDP. people who voted for other parties are being targeted by the PDP MLA, pick and choose policy is being adopted in respect of developmental works in Dooru constituency. Multiple problems confronting people are also being taken up for resolution merely on political lines,” Mir said in a statement.

“Targeting political opponents by PDP in Assembly segments their MLAs are representing can’t be tolerated,” he said while addressing party workers convention at Shahbad Dooru today.

Mir hit out at PDP for ignoring people on political lines. “Step motherly attitude is being awarded to those people who have not voted for PDP in the recently held assembly elections in the valley and particularly in Dooru Constituency,” he said.

“PDP considers people of Dooru constituency as threat which has frustrated the PDP to a great extent. People won’t succumb to the political tactics of PDP and its MLA and shall always raise their voice against political victimization by PDP,” he added.

The JKPCC chief said, “PDP is trying hard to crush the political opponents wherever they represent just to benefit themselves and gain political mileage, but the fact remains that it (PDP) is losing the ground very fast.  Congress won’t tolerate such step motherly attitude of PDP and the party will make them answerable and accountable to people.”

Mir asked PDP to be ready to face the ire of the people for their failure on all fronts as “their dual policy in the State has exposed PDP fully infront of the people and the way they are treating people and  their political rivals is something like frustration on their part.”


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