Ansari Reacts To Wani’s Allegations

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Reacting to the National Conference (NC) provincial president, Nasir Aslam Wani’s allegations, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Friday hit back alleging that the NC has history of dividing people.

\Wani had termed PDP leadership politically bankrupt and said that being out of power has turned them into an aimless and directionless party.

“NC has launched vicious propaganda against PDP, but they should bear it in mind that people here are well aware of their cheap politics,” senior PDP leader and MLA Pattan, Molvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari told KNS.

“NC is losing grip and ground rapidly and as a result of which they are levelling allegations on PDP. The NC is the party which is directly responsible for the halt in Kashmir issue resolution,” he claimed.

The senior PDP leader alleged that NC leaders just for the sake of power compromised on so many sensitive issues with New Delhi.

Blaming the NC for promoting corruption in the State Ansari said, “Nasir Wani should first study the history of J&K and then only he will come to know who sold the Kashmir”.

Commenting on Wani’s statement in which he had held PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayed responsible for sabotaging the Kashmir issue in 1977, Ansari said, “In 1977 Kashmir issue existed nowhere. It was infact the time when the NC founder late Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah deceived the people for grabbing the power.”

“What we can ask this government and what would it be able to give to the people as it has handed over every state resource to the centre just for being able to stay in power said,” Ansari alleged. “The NC’s slogan for autonomy and AFSPA revocation is only to hoodwink the people. They did nothing since four and half-year and now when elections are nearer they are trying to deceive the people by hollow slogans.”

The senior PDP leader claimed that NC ministers have only looted the public exchequer in the last more than four years.

“Miseries of common people have been mounting with every passing day, but the government is causal towards addressing these,” he added.

Regretting that developmental activities have come to halt while corruption has crossed all limits, Ansari said, “Various central sponsored schemes started during the PDP regime have been halted.”


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