APDP commemorates the world human rights day

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Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP), Saturday on the occasion of World Human Rights Day held a silent protest in Srinagar against what it termed state and central governments’ “hypocritical approach” in tracing out their family members, subjected to enforced disappearance since 1989 across the state.

The family members of disappeared youth, mostly females during their silent-sit in at Pratap Park Srinagar castigated the successive governments for being indifferent towards their pain and agony.

The family members of the disappeared persons alleged that their dear ones have been subjected to enforced disappearances by the Indian forces and their related agencies from their homes, streets and even roads. They vowed to continue their struggle for truth, justice and accountability till both the state and central governments accept their demand of impartial probe into the enforced disappearances and custodial killings.

APDP chairperson, Parveena Ahangar demanded that India must comply with its obligations under international human rights laws.

“We have been fighting for 26 years against the enforced disappearances of our children. More than 10,000 individuals are missing who were taken into custody by different Indian agencies,” Parveena said.


“They (Indian authorities) have made laws to provide impunity to their evils. There are no laws to hold them accountable,” she said, adding, “Their courts, State Human Rights Commission and other independent commissions are only to cover for their misdeed and draw money without doing anything substantial.”

“We don’t need any of their money or jobs; we only need to see our children. They should at least tell us where they are. We should know if they are alive or dead,” Parveena said.

“We will fight against the atrocities till our death so that our future generations do not suffer what we have suffered.”

“We have organized this sit-in to remember our children, and to remind the world about the atrocities we face from Indian forces.”


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