APHC castigates Delhi based TV channel for its ‘misleading propaganda’ against Geelani

KL Report


Terming the ‘misleading propaganda’ of a Delhi based TV News Channel against the senior resistance leadership of Kashmir (Syed Ali Geelani) as highly proactive and deplorable, the spokesman of APHC Sunday said that such attitude of the media channel is not only against the established norms of media ethics but presenting events about Kashmir in isolation and away from the political and historical reality have the potential of creating misunderstanding about the Kashmir issue and hatred against the people Kashmir in the minds of mainland Indian population.

The spokesman said it may serve the purpose of some extremist elements who want to provocative and incite tumult in the general population which is not in anybody’s interest.

The spokesman further said that Hurriyat leadership has been travelling various cities of India to spread awareness about the historical background and the desirability of the early resolution of Kashmir issue in the best interest of peace and progress of this region, “however, in the past such venomous and baseless propaganda by vested interests media sections has become the cause of physical assault and danger to the life of Hurriyat leaders by the extremist elements on some occasions”.

The spokesman further added that in the changing global scenario there is no place for hegemonic and extremist attitudes in political discourse and behavior. “All Parties Hurriyat Conference has always maintained that the resolution of Kashmir issues can only be reached at through a purposeful and meaning dialogue among all the stake holders of the issue. This is the stock reality which needs to be understood,” the spokesman said.


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