APS Srinagar Maintains Top Position Among Valley Schools

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Meritorious Students of APS Srinagar.
Meritorious Students of APS Srinagar.

Maintaining its dominance in northern zone by standing first among all, the Army Public School (APS) Srinagar continued its trend to stand first in CBSE examinations and making its mark in extra-curricular activities.

In recently declared CBSE results of 2013, the Class 12th students of the School Shewangni Koul, Ubran-bin-Altaf and Priy Agarwal secured first three positions in science stream while Bilal Ahmad Chopan who is studying in the school under SADBHAVANA and is a hosteller in the School attained 4th position in the same stream. In the commerce stream Abhimanyu Anand, Riyaz Rasool Sheikh and Falak Firdous of Class 12th of the school were among toppers.

In the declared Class 10th results, five students of APS Srinagar, Tavleen Kour, Mosina Shafi, Arshjot Singh, Insha and Tablish Nisar obtained 10CGPA.

The deputy GoC 31 Sub-Area and chairman of the School Brigd K K Panth and SO of the school Col Sarat Agarwal felicitated the students, Principal and staff of the School and wished them all success in future.

Sandeep Marahatta, the Principal of the school accredited the success to the hard work of the students and guidance of faculty members. “The competitive and conductive environment prevailing in the School has helped in maintaining the reputation of the School and achieving excellent results repeatedly,” he said.

APS Srinagar has emerged as an outstanding educational institute during recent years and has made its mark at the National level in academic and extra-curricular activities.


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