Incumbent Langate lawmaker, Er Rasheed on Monday said that the people of Shopian are humiliated by the army and alleged that armed forces check the identity cards of the people who go mosques to offer morning and night prayers in order to prove their identity.

Rasheed, in a statement said, that this act is shameful and speaks of the sick and arrogant mind-set of security agencies especially army. He said that the reason for the same is that army is being appreciated from everywhere outside Kashmir for humiliating and terrorizing Kashmiris. “All these colonial measures would never help New Delhi in establishing its writ on the ground as Kashmiris have decided to pay the cost whatsoever for Right to Self-Determination.”

Rasheed said that in the name of giving protection to army convoys, the army is humiliating people of the Valley from Qazigund to Karnah and is also wasting time of the people in the name of giving safe passage to convoys.

He accused army of “terrorizing and brutalizing common masses in entire Shopian district”.

“There can be nothing disgraceful than the fact that army has been given free hand to thrash and drag residents mostly youth from their houses in every area of Shopian district. During nights army pelts stones on the houses and thus provoking the locals. Those entering mosques to offer evening and morning prayers are often humiliated and ordered to prove their identity.”


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